Indonesia girlfriend investigation


Indonesian Girlfriend Investigation

Hello Man!

Case details:

Probable scenario: Cheating Indonesian “girlfriend” is it?
Client: 39 year old male from the UK.
Target: 22 year old Indonesian female.

Case log:
The client requested an Indonesian Girlfriend Investigation. The subject was a 22-year-old Indonesian girl. She was working at a hotel and living in Bali alone. They spent two weeks together in Bali. She told him that she loved him so they became involved in a long-distance relationship. He was sending her 30,000 baht a month and paying for school and her apartment also. He was with her for about six months at the time.

Suspicions: Phone turned off, battery dead, complaining about not having enough money. The client was suspicious of her and stated: “She is acting funny lately, she sounds funny also”.

Indonesian girlfriend investigation

This case was solved by following the girl around only. I picked up her trail at her apartment and that was all I needed to see. It was a ladyboy! Apparently, the client was unaware of this. He did not send a photo as he said he did not have one but described her in detail. Big breasts, tall, long straight blonde hair, beautiful smile and a dragon tattoo on her left shoulder. Another small butterfly tattoo on her right ankle. At first, I thought I had the wrong person until I got up close. I confirmed the tattoos and the small scar on her right hand also. This was her! Him?

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So, clearly he didn’t know it was a ladyboy! Oh man, how do you tell a guy this? I called him on the phone immediately to break the news. He seemed unaffected and in fact, said he didn’t care and that he loved her. He revealed that he never actually had sex with her (him) when he was here in Bali. So, he asked me to continue the investigation to see what she was up to.


Well, unfortunately for him, she was working at a ladyboy bar upstairs at Nana plaza. I walked by there the next night and she (he) was standing outside trying to grab customers and drag them into the bar. It was a very easy case to solve, unlike most other cases. I was amazed to know the guy had no clue he was in love with an Indonesian ladyboy! I called him later on and told him the bad news about her working in the bar. He thanked me for doing a good job and hung up the phone. I never heard from him again.

Case closed.

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