How much does it cost?

This depends on the case and what is required. We are not the cheapest PI in Indonesia but our service quality is at the top. We are one of the original Indonesian private investigators. We started our service in 1999 and went online in 2001.

We have a minimum case fee and investigation period. We do not work by the hour or by the day. One or two days is generally never enough time to get the whole story. Details and hidden truths take time to discover. Beware cheap PI services. As we all know, you get what you pay for.

If the case requires travel outside of Bali or Jakarta expenses will be required. The case fee you are quoted will always include all fees needed to handle the case. No extra fees or charges will ever be added on unless special circumstances occur. In that case, any extra expenses will be approved by the client first.

We don’t make things up or create stories in order to get more money for expenses. If something extraordinary happens and more expenses are needed we inform you first.

For example, if we are following someone and they go to the airport and check in to fly to a foreign country. If you want us to follow them extra expenses will be needed. We will notify you immediately if a situation like this arises.

Can you do cases in rural provinces like Bandung?

Absolutely yes. In fact, I personally enjoy these cases as I can take my wife with me (She is an investigator also).

We handle cases in every part of Indonesia. Bali, Lombok, Sulawesi, Bogor, Surabaya. We go everywhere and anywhere. Out of town cases will require travel expenses. All expenses will be included in the case fee quote. No extra expenses will be added unless extraordinary circumstances occur. If this happens we will notify you immediately with what is required. If approved we will proceed.

Can you have sex with my bar girl girlfriend?

No. We don’t do this.

People ask us if we will go into a go-go bar or sex club and pay their girlfriend to leave with them to have sex. Paid sex of course. We don’t do this. We don’t need to. If your girlfriend works at a go-go bar that probably isn’t a good thing. While some girls do stop going with customers if they have a Bule boyfriend, it is rare.

Their job is to entertain customers. Sometimes this means having sex with them for money. If this is happening we can see it by following her and documenting it. No need to ask us to do it. If she is having sex with customers we will observe and report this activity for you. Photos or video evidence will be proof.

Can you find someone for me?

Yes, we can. If you are looking for someone we can help you. As long as you do not intend to bring harm to the person we will help you.

If you are looking for someone for revenge or want to cause them physical harm, don’t call us. We don’t offer revenge or payback services. We don’t set people up in harmful or dangerous situations.

We can help you locate lost friends, former lovers, old acquaintances, or lost girlfriends. We can help you find lost relatives or missing children. But we don’t locate people and set them up for you.

Can you intimidate someone for me?

No, we can’t.

People who are victims of online scams or bar girl scams sometimes ask us to strong-arm or threaten and intimidate people. This is a great way to end up in the hospital or dead. People get murdered in Indonesia every day for very small amounts of money. They end up in hospitals in critical condition.

Why? Because they tried to mess with the wrong people. People operating scams in Indonesia are not good folks. They are criminals. This means they are probably dangerous and violent. Violence and intimidation will get you nowhere in Indonesia. Except for the hospital or in the morgue. Call the police if you want to have someone arrested for stealing from you. But, call us first and we will help you find them first!

If you are the victim of a bar girl scam, or other scams in Indonesia we can’t help you recover money or property. We can locate the property or individual and document their location only. But, we can’t recover it for you. This must be handled by local law enforcement.

Can you help me recover my money?

The simple answer is no.

If you are the victim of a bar girl scam, or other scams in Indonesia we can’t help you recover money or property. We can locate the property or individual and document their location only. But, we can’t recover it for you. This must be handled by local law enforcement.

We don’t break into houses and steal things for people. We don’t threaten people or strong-arm them. We only observe and document their location and what we find.

We can locate individuals who have scammed money from you on the Internet. We can locate individuals who have taken your money in land or property scams. But again, we can’t recover lost or stolen property or money. This is a job for the police. Our function is cases like this is to locate and document only. The rest is up to local law enforcement.

Can you help me set up my Indonesian girlfriend?

The simple answer is no. We don’t do this because it doesn’t always work and is unfair. It doesn’t bring out the truth of the situation. Any person can be tempted of course, but this can backfire and is a bad idea.

The best way to handle any case is to observe and report. This presents the situation as it is. By observing only we see exactly how events occur. This is where truth is. Many people ask us to go into bars and offer bar girls money for sex. Then they want us to take photos or video for them as proof. This is entrapment and we don’t do this. It isn’t necessary.

If you have a Indonesian girlfriend who works in a bar, her actions will be enough proof. We simply need to observe and report her behaviour to the client. If she leaves the bar with a customer and goes to a hotel, we document it. That is how proof is collected. Hard evidence from observation and fieldwork.

What kinds of cases do you handle?

Acceptable cases:

  • Foreign men (Westerners) cheating on their wives or girlfriends.
  • Indonesian girlfriends living in Indonesia and cheating on their western boyfriends.
  • Business and corporate background checks.
  • Security services including personal bodyguard and protection services.
  • Missing persons in Indonesia.
  • DNA Screening.
  • Insurance Fraud.

Cases refused:

  • Obtaining phone records or pre-paid phone records.
  • Obtaining passwords, or bank account information.
  • Political interests.
  • Intellectual Property cases.
  • Blackmail. – Not acceptable.
  • Bugging devices inside a personal house or business.
  • Phone tapping or phone bugging.
  • Organized crime, or other criminal related activities.

Get peace of mind

Hey, we get it. Peace of mind is the bottom line, while privacy is a top priority. There is nothing worse than not knowing the truth. Dark secrets hiding in the shadows isn’t fun for anyone. It eats away at your peace of mind and causes stress and worry. So, we understand your dilemma.¬†When we take a case, we know what the end game is. It is to give the client peace of mind while resolving the situation with the truth.

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