Indonesian bar girls. We are often asked by clients to investigate Indonesian bar girls. Those asking for advice are often involved in a relationship with Indonesian bar girls. Our first piece of advice is don’t do that. Never get involved in a romantic relationship with Indonesian bar girls. Also known as prostitutes. That’s what those beautiful young girls you see in the bars are. However, some men have trouble accepting this truth. You wouldn’t go to the local red-light district in your home town and find a prostitute to be your girlfriend. But that is what foreign men do when they come to Indonesia. The first piece of advice we can give you is to stay away from the Indonesian bar girls.

“Things come apart so easily when they have been held together with lies.”

Who Are They?

It’s is a common topic in Indonesian private investigator stories. If you have never been to Indonesia, you might not understand what the big deal is. But, if you’ve been here, then you know what the problem is. Thousands of foreign men travel to Indonesia every year and fall for Indonesian bar girls. You see them everywhere you go in Bali and Jakarta, the two main tourist destinations. While it might not seem like much of a story, it is a huge problem. Especially for their wives and families back home. Sometimes they suffer the backlash.


Indonesian bar girls

Indonesian bar girls.

The story usually starts the same. A foreign man just landed on his first trip to Bali. It’s hot as hell, and he needs something cold to drink. Hmm, a cold beer might be helpful. The first thing he notices when walking along the streets of Indonesia is all the bars full of hot young Indonesian bar girls. So, he pulls up a chair at one of the bars and instantly becomes a celebrity. She has soft skin, dark eyes, long jet black hair, hot little body. She knows how to play him, and now the ride starts. He has fallen instantly in love.

She’s a young, fun, and a beautiful girl, who reluctantly came to town from a farming village in Indonesia’s rural northeastern region. She doesn’t want to be there but has no choice. You see, Papa needs an operation. The family buffalo broke a leg and can’t plough the fields. Plus she is just dying to advance her life but needs money for school. And of course, she is miserable.

Crafty Indonesian bar girls

Now, of course, she’s just the cashier and doesn’t go with customers for sex at all. Not unless she meets an “exceptional” man. A special man just like him. And then the arrow strikes. He’s fallen for one of those Indonesian bar girls. The next ten days are heaven on earth. He pays her bar fine to keep her off work while he is there. Together they travel to the beach and spend his holiday in bliss. Only for it to end far too soon. The tearful goodbye at Ngurah Rai airport is almost too much to handle. But fear not! He’ll be back in six months.

He messages and calls her as often as he can. He stares at her text messages. I miss you too much! However, he can’t wait for his next trip to Indonesia to see her again. Every day is a lonely one, a long one. But he gets through knowing every day that passes means they’ll soon be together.

Then out of nowhere, disaster strikes! The family’s buffalo’s leg has healed. But now it is sick. So sick the vet says it might die and the treatment will cost a small fortune. Way more than they can afford! And if that wasn’t enough, Papa had a heart attack! Now he is in the hospital and no money to pay the bills. The family farm is in grave danger! She’s tried to ask other family members for money. But they are dirt poor too. What will she do? That is the sound of an Indonesian bar girl scam.

Indonesian bar girls

Of course, the unknowing foreigner is her last hope! Without his help, her family will be in a terrible situation! Destitute and no way to turn, she pleads for his help. Like a comic book hero, he comes to the rescue. He copies down her info and heads straight to the nearest Western Union office to save the day. Don’t forget that MTCN number!

Except, of course, that the buffalo isn’t sick. They don’t even own a buffalo. She’s not a cashier either, and she’s probably asking her two or three other foreign “boyfriends” for the same amount of money. She’s perhaps even sitting at the bar right now joking about it with her Indonesian boyfriend. Komang, that guy he met with her once or twice and she said was her cousin? Congratulations! He just joined the fun too. It’s the trap many foreign men fall into when they come to Indonesia. They don’t understand the game, nor do they know what the game is. There is a considerable difference between Indonesian bar girls and a mainstream, proper Indonesian lady.

Mainstream Indonesian girls

Proper Indonesian ladies (those who aren’t prostitutes or scammers) are much less trouble. Most who have a relationship with a foreigner are relatively open and honest and have good intentions. When I say proper Indonesian ladies, I mean those who have reputable jobs and college education. Proper Indonesian ladies in Indonesia are more conservative than western women. Most are reasonable people and innocent and would never think of scamming you or ripping you off. These are the Indonesian women you want to meet if you are looking for a relationship with an Indonesian woman.

Indonesian bar girl scams

Indonesian bar girl scams.

On the other hand, relationships with Indonesian bar girls are a different story. A story with a sad ending most of the time. Avoid at all costs. If you want some excellent Indonesian girlfriend advice, find a proper Indonesian girl.

You’ve probably read stories of foreign men being ripped off by Indonesian ladies. In 99% of those cases, the relationship involved a foreign man and Indonesian bar girls, or an Indonesia freelance prostitute. Proper Indonesian ladies usually have a good job and their own money. They come from good families and aren’t on “the game” like Indonesian bar girls. Proper Indonesian ladies are a much better choice for a relationship. They bring something to the table and have manners and intelligence. A proper Indonesian lady isn’t going to tell you stories like Buffalo broke a leg, Papa sick in the hospital. In my experience, Indonesian women are beautiful people, kind, gentle, and loyal.

Indonesian bar girl scams

Another popular tool for Indonesian bar girl scams is using Indonesian dating sites. They are full of scammers but also proper Indonesian ladies. A lot of foreign men get scammed by women using these dating sites. I’ve had cases where a foreign man met a girl on an Indonesian dating site and sent her thousands of dollars without ever meeting her. They fell in love over the Internet and also fell for the Indonesian bar girl scam. It happens a lot, and the frequency is on the rise. Most of the men are over 50, out of shape, and have no game when it comes to meeting women. They are natural marks for an Indonesian bar girl scam. A good piece of advice? Be careful of Indonesian dating sites. Indonesian bar girls use these to find victims also.

Indonesia freelance prostitutes

Another scam frequently used on unsuspecting foreign men is the phoney college girl routine. An Indonesian freelance prostitute will dress in the Indonesian college student standard attire. A black skirt and a white buttoned shirt. Most of the time, the skirt is short, and the shirt fits tightly. It’s a common ploy that works well on unsuspecting targets. The girl will say she is going to college to study to improve her life. The high cost of college education then comes into play. A lot of these girls are in truth, an Indonesian freelance prostitute.

Other Indonesia freelance prostitutes work in five-star hotel bars and lounges. There isn’t much the five-star hotel can do about it. You can’t outright accuse a patron of being a prostitute though nearly every girl in the bar is one. Everyone else knows the real story anyway, but not the guest of the hotel on his first trip to Bali. They are easy targets for an Indonesian freelance prostitute. I won’t mention the names of these establishments, but a quick Internet search will return the correct results.

Multiple foreign men

It’s a common outcome of an Indonesian girlfriend background check. Clients contact us after hearing other voices in the background when they call their Indonesian girlfriend on the phone. It is usually the voice of another foreign man they hear. It is not uncommon for an Indonesian bar girl or prostitute to have 3, 4, 5, or more men going at the same time. I’ve done many cases where this is the outcome, the discovery of other men in her life. The idea is to get as much money coming in from as many men as possible. An Indonesian bar girl can replace you in a heartbeat. Thousands of foreigners arrive daily to restock the fishing pond. Another good piece of Indonesian girlfriend advice, you can easily be replaced.

So, our number one piece of Indonesian girlfriend advice is don’t get involved too deeply with Indonesian bar girls. If you already have, then you might want to hire an Indonesia private detective. That is where we come in. You are always going to benefit from having the girl checked out first. It is just common sense. Your best bet is to hire an Indonesia private detective to check out her story first before you start throwing cash around. Far too often, we receive investigation requests from men who have already invested thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in the Indonesian princess. Only to find out too late it was all a scam.

Be smart. Hire an Indonesian private investigator first. You’ll be making a much better investment if you let us check her out first. an Indonesian bar girl scam can be costly. Contact Us right now for a free no-obligation consultation. We are here to help.

Get peace of mind

Hey, we get it. Peace of mind is the bottom line, while privacy is a top priority. There is nothing worse than not knowing the truth. Dark secrets hiding in the shadows isn’t fun for anyone. It eats away at your peace of mind and causes stress and worry. So, we understand your dilemma. When we take a case, we know what the end game is. It is to give the client peace of mind while resolving the situation with the truth.

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