Indonesian girlfriend scams. Indo PI has a long list of cases involving scams that Indonesian girlfriends and bar girls use. Many difficulties arise when foreign men come to Indonesia and get involved with Indonesian bar girls. Unless they know the culture or how to play the game, problems will occur. For example, Indonesian girlfriend scams.

We try to determine if the relationship between an Indonesian girlfriend and a foreign man is genuine. Several factors can determine fact from fiction in our investigative work. There are a wide variety of cases and a tremendous amount of different scams. There also exists a vast diversity of relationships with varying degrees of sincerity and commitment. So, every investigation is unique, as are the circumstances. We never know what we will find once an investigation begins.

Indonesian girlfriend scams

Indonesian girlfriend scams.

Experienced investigators

We have handled hundreds of cases which have similar relationship criteria. Sometimes interpersonal investigative techniques work best and are most often used. A big concern is that an Indonesian private investigator is potentially a threat to the substantial cash flow of Indonesian bar girl scams. So, caution in investigating these cases must always be maintained. You never know what can happen here in Indonesia. Hence, a cautious approach is still the best.

The majority of cases we handle require only one Indonesia private detective. We do our work using the standard investigative procedure. Meaning, verify, verify, and then verify again. We never outsource or hire Indonesia freelance prostitutes to help with a cheating husband investigation, because they are unreliable. They don’t possess the required patience and self-discipline. We also never hire tourists or motorbike taxi drivers to help us with a case, as some others do. Only our team of professional investigators do the work. My Indonesian wife is one of the best in the business.

Indonesian bar girls

It is effortless to find a pretty young girl here. The bars are full of them. Most men are aware that paying money for sex is prostitution. However, they forget this when they arrive in Indonesia. They somehow overlook the fact they are considering falling in love with a prostitute. The idea is she will quit the bar if he starts sending money to her from abroad. The idea is she stops working in the bar and no more having sex for cash. While it is true some girls will leave, the majority don’t. The foreign man believes her when she says she quit working there. But we often find she still works at the bar and even goes with customers for sex.

She can make more money for the family that way. So, this is what most girls do. The foreign man is usually unaware of this until suspicious behaviour begins. For example, the phone is off, loud music in the background, other men’s voices heard on the phone. These are the general suspicions clients describe. The real concern is what is going on in the shadows. Is there already an Indonesian husband or boyfriend. How many other men is she working at the same time? Are you the only one or are there several others? These details are what we can find out for you with an Indonesian girlfriend investigation.

A different way

Indonesia is not like the west. The rule of law is far less than what most western men are used to in their country. It’s one thing to have your heart broken and lose your hard-earned money. It is another story when the threat of losing your life becomes a reality. It has happened here in Indonesia many times. You can land yourself in some serious trouble if you are not careful. For example, in jail or under the threat of severe physical harm.

Most of the problems and safety issues a foreign man will encounter is due to Indonesian ladies working in bars. These are known as prostitutes in the west. If you live in San Francisco, you aren’t going to go into a prostitution venue in search of a girlfriend. But that is what many foreign men do when they come to Indonesia. They go to bars and end up meeting a prostitute who then becomes their girlfriend. Then they wonder why they have problems later. It is simple. If you come to Indonesia, don’t look for a girlfriend who works as a prostitute. The majority of them already have an Indonesian husband or an Indonesian boyfriend, or both.

90% of girls working in bars in Indonesia are of questionable moral standards, and her male friends and associates are also. The “cousin” or “brother” she introduces you to is probably her husband or boyfriend. They are an uneducated rough and crude bunch of folks. They hang out with other similar groups of people like this. Crime, drug use, and addiction are all part of the bar scene lifestyle.

Indonesian bar girls

Any parent who would push their daughter into prostitution would probably be considered morally corrupt by most people. When you visit the family home of your Indonesian bar girl sweetheart, keep this in mind. What kind of people are you getting involved with here? On the other hand, some families have no idea their child is working in a bar.

Some other safety issues can arise with foreign men who lose control of their emotions and act out of anger or jealous rage in certain situations. It can be a very costly mistake. In Indonesia, the serene man is the winner. His calm and collected way of handling an adverse circumstance can save his life. Those who explode in anger or disrespect can find a bottle broken over their head. They can also find a knife in their back or a bullet in their head in extreme conditions. Cool heads prevail, this is never truer than it is in Indonesia. There are plenty of foreign men in Indonesian jails for murdering or viciously assaulting their Indonesian girlfriends. It is usually in regards to cases of infidelity or loss or theft of large amounts of money due to Indonesian girlfriend scams.

Be smart

The overall rule of thumb is this. Never get involved in a serious relationship with an Indonesian bar girl or an Indonesian freelance prostitute. Don’t do business with them, and don’t invest with them by any means. That is the advice of mainstream Indonesian people. If you want to save yourself a tremendous amount of needless worry and suffering, find a proper Indonesian girl if you’re going to have a good relationship. You will have a much better experience. You won’t find the girl of your dreams in a go-go bar in Indonesia. But most of the time, you will find trouble if you don’t know the game.

Get peace of mind

Hey, we get it. Peace of mind is the bottom line, while privacy is a top priority. There is nothing worse than not knowing the truth. Dark secrets hiding in the shadows isn’t fun for anyone. It eats away at your peace of mind and causes stress and worry. So, we understand your dilemma. When we take a case, we know what the end game is. It is to give the client peace of mind while resolving the situation with the truth.

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