Indonesia girlfriend investigations


Indonesian girlfriend investigations:
First case Indo-PI received back in 2001

Case details:

Probable scenario: Cheating Indonesian girlfriend.
Client: 24-year-old male, US Navy – Living in America.
Target: 19-year-old Indonesian female allegedly living at home with Mom.

Case log: (all names changed to protect privacy)

The client asked us to investigate his 19 year old girlfriend who he said was supposedly living at home. Met her in a Blok M bar in Jakarta and shortly afterwards, she told him she loved him and said she would quit the bar for good. He was sending her 20,000,000.00 IDR a month. He had already been to her home to meet the family.

Suspicions: Phone turned off, battery dead, the phone got wet, another man’s voice in the background, phone off from 2:00 AM – 5:00 AM. Money being sent is not enough. Loud music in the background when she is supposed to be at home. Other girls (“cousins”) answering her phone and making excuses for her.

Indonesian girlfriend investigations

I used the “rich Bule in town” approach. It took me two days to locate her by the use of a mobile number supplied by the client. The first call to the number was answered by “Lina”, a 23 year old cousin of “Anna”. Although I knew she had never talked to me before, she acted as if she knew who I was (because there are so many guys they can’t keep track). The conversation turned into a drink invitation and then I met “Lina” at a bar in a 5-star hotel. At the meeting, I asked, “Whatever happened to your cousin Anna? Is she still around?” The answer… she was at work in a bar in (famous hotel).

I went to the bar and with the photos I had of her on my mobile phone and was able to positively identify her. She was there working. This girl was a stunner! An absolutely amazingly beautiful girl with beautiful skin, hair, eyes, smile… the works. I watched her do her thing for a while and then made some eye contact and invited her to sit with me and offered her a drink. At first, she made it clear she was not really interested in me.

Indonesian bar girls, Indonesian girlfriend investigations

Indonesian bar girls.

Money Talks in Indonesia

After a while, she came back over to my table and eventually milked me for 4 shots of tequila, three drinks and one beer. She also asked me to buy drinks for one of her friends and I did. After a while, I offered her a trip to my hotel for 1,000,000.00 IDR. She said no. So, I used “the wad”. The wad is a big fat roll of cash I carry and flash at the drink servers when I pay the bill. It is very effective in getting the attention of those who think they are not interested in you.

The drink server saw the cash and ran over to her immediately and started talking to her and after about 30 seconds, this girl who had just shot me down cold was practically crawling over the top of my table and into my lap and nearly stuck her tongue down my throat and said “I go with you, okay? I want to jiggy jig you really good!” We left the bar about 30 minutes later and headed straight back to my hotel. I got her gear off straight away and then took a couple of shots of her naked in my hotel room with my camera (all with the permission of the client beforehand).

Indonesian girlfriend investigations

She didn’t mind at all and in fact, she was into it and posed for me. As soon as I put down the camera she was on me, fast and aggressive. Fortunately for me, a prearranged phone call came in just in the nick of time from another agent and I explained a friend called saying he had an accident and needed my help and I had to rush out (allowing me to avoid having sex with her). She said “no problem” and I gave her the money anyway and she was really happy about that. She gave me her mobile number and said to call her the next day and that she would take good care of me.

The evidence was clear and complete and the client was shocked to know the truth about his sweetheart. As a follow up the next day, I followed her around and I saw her with another guy in a shopping mall. She had left my hotel that night and it was obvious she went right back to the bar and pulled another guy, and the day after that, another guy. So, there you have it.

Case closed.

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