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Indonesian Girlfriend Background Check
March 4, 2018

Indonesia Private Investigators

Indonesia Private Investigators providing professional investigation services and Indonesian Girlfriend Background Checks. The main coverage areas of investigation are Bali and Jakarta. Indonesia Private Investigators services in other provinces are also available. The information we provide to our clients are facts and hard evidence. Our Indonesia private investigators team includes Indonesian nationals and foreign Expatriates. As a result, all investigators understand the culture and territory. Indonesia Private Investigator’s team of experts offer private investigation services covering all areas of Indonesia. Furthermore, services in other regions of Southeast Asia are available through our SE Asia partnerships. Private Investigator Jakarta, Indonesia Private Detective. Indonesia Private Investigator, Pattaya Private Investigator, Thailand Private Investigators, Thailand Private Detective.

Investigations outside of the normal coverage areas are subject to extra expenses. So, the client must cover travel and hotel expenses. Expenses are not included in the fee unless stated otherwise. Private investigations in Indonesia can be difficult at times. We do our best to provide quality Indonesia Private Investigators service. Investigators understand the impact an investigation can have, so we guarantee complete confidentiality. So, clients can count on complete privacy. IndoPI works from a subjective position. Hence, the investigator assumes all is good until proven otherwise.

Indonesia Private Investigators – Indonesian Girlfriend Check

Indo PI specializes in Indonesian Girlfriend Background Checks. Cheating western husbands on holiday, business, or “Pleasure” trips in Indonesia. Indonesian Bar Girls with western boyfriends and husbands living abroad. Many cases involve foreign men who have girlfriends here in Indonesia. So, if you suspect something is wrong and that someone you love may be cheating on you, we can find out the truth! We are experts in our field. We use all the latest miniature high tech equipment available. Therefore, we provide you with concrete evidence and facts!

Indonesia Private Investigators – We Investigate:

  • Foreign men (Westerners) cheating on their wives or girlfriends.
  • Indonesian girlfriends living in Indonesia and cheating on their western boyfriends.
  • Business and corporate background checks.
  • Security services including personal bodyguard and protection services.
  • Find missing person in Indonesia.
  • DNA Screening.
  • Insurance Fraud.

Indonesia Private Investigators – Cases Refused:

  • Obtaining phone records or pre-paid phone records.
  • Obtaining passwords, or bank account information.
  • Political interests.
  • Intellectual Property cases.
  • Blackmail. – Not acceptable.
  • Bugging devices inside a personal house or business.
  • Phone tapping or phone bugging.
  • Organized crime, or other criminal related activities.

Ethics and Standards – Indonesia Private Investigators

Professional Indonesia Private Investigators will screen all inquiries thoroughly. Many times we will refuse a case if we suspect the client intends to do harm to a subject. Indonesia Private Investigators does not take part in revenge. This includes the investigated party, or others they may know. IndoPI will not accept any case that involves criminal activity. Criminal cases are a job for the local police, not Indonesia Private Investigators. We will not accept any case involving political interests. Government officials, law officials, or public figures such as celebrities are also off limits. All experienced Indonesia Private Investigators are careful to choose cases meant to find the facts. So, if you are out to harm someone, we won’t help you. We will not assist you in any way in finding any kind of information that may harm another individual. If you are out for revenge on someone, don’t ask us to help you.

Indonesia Private Investigators Service:

There are many reasons one might consider hiring Indonesia Private Investigators. We are usually able to help in almost any circumstance as long as it doesn’t involve any criminal activity. But, if you are having problems with your Indonesian lady, we can help. If you think something may be going on that isn’t okay with you, please feel free to contact us. Let Indonesia Private Investigators help you discover the truth. So, you can decide what you want to do based on the facts. If you are a woman from a western country and you have are aware what goes on in Indonesia, we can help you.

There are many go go bars and nightlife establishments here in Indonesia. If you worry that your husband, boyfriend, or fiancée may be having an affair with Indonesian Bar Girls, we can help. If you think your husband is having an affair with an Indonesian bar girl or prostitute, please contact us. We will investigate the matter for you and give you the facts. The truth is out there!

If you have any legitimate concern, hire Indonesia Private Investigators to assist you. Please feel free to contact us at any time. Send your Indonesia Private Investigators inquiry and we will do our very best to help you. We will work with you to resolve the problem. We will conduct a professional investigation designed to help you know the truth. The results of the investigation will be facts and evidence.

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Having problems with your Indonesian lady? There a many different reasons why you might be having problems. Cultural misunderstandings, lack of trust, lack of freedom, jealousy are a few. We’re hired often to investigate Indonesian Bar Girls with foreigners as boyfriends or husbands.

Many times, the guy has met a girl in a bar. She swears up and down she doesn’t want to work there but has no choice because she has to take care of the family. and a lot of the time this is true, well most of it is anyway. But, there are also a lot of Indonesian Bar Girls who work as prostitutes in go go bars who are very bad news. Many are drug addicted scammers whose main goal is to find western men to supply her with spending money. Many men support her drug habit without knowing it. Most men end up buying her the latest mobile phone, designer clothes, car or motorbike.

These Indonesian Bar Girls are the ones you have to be on the lookout for. There are thousands of them operating out of Indonesia’s notorious bar scene. If you met a girl in Indonesia who was working in a bar, she may very well still be working there. She is telling you she quit to keep you quiet and to keep the cash flow coming. It is possible she did quit. But, unless you have her checked out you can’t know for sure. Many of these girls have more than one man on the hook at one time. We usually find that they have several. Most of the guys are unaware of the fact that they are being played. The reason is that Indonesian Bar Girls are masters of manipulation and guilt.

Indonesian Bar Girl Scams – Indonesian Private Investigators

They have a story for every problem that may arise. Stories including water got in phone, I was sleeping, I was in the shower, I was at Mama’s house way out in the boonies. Or, upcountry there is no phone signal, buffalo broke leg, you name it, the excuse is there. The fact is that many times they are telling the truth, but too often we find their story isn’t the truth at all. The reason she can’t pick up the phone is because you will hear the background music in the disco she is in. Not all Indonesian women are like this though and in fact there are a many very good girls who are working in bars. But, they haven’t been there long enough to become the hardcore bar girl yet.

Does this mean all Indonesian Bar Girls are dirty rotten scammers? Of course not, and in fact, some of the girls who work in bars are very good girls. Many of them don’t have much of a choice. The join the bar scene for a short period of time to make some money to help take care of family. The problem arises when they spend too much time in the bar, then you have a problem. You aren’t going to find the girl of your dreams working in a go go bar. But, there have been many success stories of guys who have met girls in bars living happy lives. We don’t often hear of that these days. Times have changed and so has the attitude of many Indonesian Bar Girls.

Indonesian Girlfriend Investigation – Indonesia Private Investigators

So, what can you do? First of all, don’t go looking for a sweet and innocent Indonesian lady in a go go bar because chances are you aren’t going to find her. If you’re fascinated with Indonesian women and want to meet a good Indonesian lady, try going to regular bars or clubs. But, avoid Indonesian Bar Girls. Go where normal Indonesian people go. But remember, you will be much better off if you have a Indonesian friend who can go with you and act as your liaison. Especially if you want to meet good Indonesian ladies, of which there are many! So, don’t ogle and act like a sex tourist because you will get nowhere. Pubs are a good place to start as there are many Indonesian women fascinated with foreign men.

So, how do you know if you have met a good Indonesian lady?

Positive signs from your Indonesian girlfriend:

  • Calls you often and is home when you call, or picks up her mobile phone when you call.
  • Met in a pub popular with Indonesian people, restaurant, shopping mall, city park, fitness center, business contacts, etc.
  • Doesn’t constantly hammer you for cash.
  • Comes from a good Indonesian family
  • Has a regular job and is college educated.
  • Didn’t meet her in a go go bar, beer bar, or disco.

Indonesian Girlfriend Problems:

  • Met in a go go bar, disco, outdoor beer bar, or beer garden.
  • Doesn’t answer the phone or her mobile when you call.
  • Hides her mobile from you when you are there.
  • Moves to another room when someone calls.
  • Asks you for money for various reasons. Father needs operation, Sister needs school money, phone broke, buffalo broke leg etc.
  • Hearing other men’s voices in the background when you call her mobile.
  • Hearing loud disco music in the background when you call her at 2:00 am Indonesian time.
  • Wanting to know your exact arrival date to Indonesia weeks or months before you arrive (could conflict with another guy’s arrival).
  • No regular job.
  • Disappears for days on end and then says she was at Mama’s house.
  • Anything dealing with criminal activity, drug use, etc.

Indonesia Private Investigators Service:

  • Has your Indonesian girlfriend ever worked in a bar, go go bar, beer garden?
  • Is she still working in a bar, go go bar or other nightlife establishment in Indonesia?
  • Was your Indonesian girlfriend working in a bar, go go bar, or massage parlor when you meet her?
  • Does your Indonesian girlfriend seem unavailable on the phone often?
  • Does your Indonesian girlfriend try to hide her mobile phone from you?
  • Do her stories that change all the time and seem unreasonable?
  • Does your Indonesian girlfriend have lots of nice designer clothes, a new fancy mobile phone, lots of gold?
  • Does your Indonesian girlfriend have more than one E-mail address or many user ID’s on Indonesian dating sites?

Indonesia Private Investigator:

There are many reasons you might consider hiring an Indonesia Private Detective. The above mentioned reasons are just a few of the warning signs. But, at times these things do happen (leaving the phone at home, dead battery, phone got rained on). But these things are only likely to happen once.

If you suspect your Indonesian girlfriend is up to no good and you want to get revenge on her and ask us for help, you won’t get it. But, if you are having problems with your Indonesian lady, we can help. So, if you’re concerned something may be going on, contact us. When she isn’t being honest or cooperative, please feel free to contact us. Let IndoPI help you discover the truth of the matter with facts and evidence. Then you can decide what you want to do.

Cheating Husband in Indonesia?

Is your husband cheating on you in Indonesia? Recently we’ve have had an increase in cases involving cheating husbands. Western women are reporting strange behavior from their husbands after coming to Indonesia. We know why most men come here. For all the wrong reasons. They come for the bar scene here and cheap sex. So, there are many Indonesian Bar Girls in the go-go bars of Jakarta and Bali. Your husband is coming here for them. There is an ever increasing amount of awareness of the problem.

We have received more requests for this type of investigation in the past few years. More than we have ever had before in the past. So, how do you know if your husband is having an affair with an Indonesian woman who in reality may be an Indonesian Freelance Prostitute? There are many signs but the most obvious would be frequent trips to Indonesia. Other indicators could be money transfers to Indonesia. Long distance phone calls and text messages coming from Indonesia. Many women contact us saying their husband recently got a prescription for Viagra. And, he is coming to Indonesia. We’ve also had inquiries like this on several occasions. Over the last three years this has increased. Word must be spreading of this activity in western nations.

Indonesian Bar Girl & Foreign Man

Are all husbands who come to Indonesia are cheating with Indonesian bar girls and prostitutes? Of course not, but the fact remains it happens all too often and we see it every day. When we are out on assignment in clubs, discos, go go bars we always see married men. How do we know they’re married? They are wearing wedding rings. The problem is real and it does exist. Some women think “My husband is middle age, bald, overweight. No sweet young Indonesian girl would have any interest in him whatsoever.

You couldn’t be any further from the truth. In fact, this is exactly what many of the Indonesian bar girl/prostitutes are looking for. Because these type of men are easy marks. Many men come to Indonesia, go into a go go bar, strip club, and get blown away by all the pretty young Indonesian girls they see. These girls are on the hunt for customers to pay them for sex. If all goes according to plan, they get the man to pay for land, houses, designer clothes. The newest most expensive mobile phone, apartment rent, university, and so on. The list is endless.

Most foreign men have no experience in Indonesia. They do not understand the bar scene and what it is. They don’t understand that the vast majority of the girls who work in these bars are out to get as much as they can. These unsuspecting men get so sucked into it that they will send large sums of cash. Many men end up losing everything. So how do you know if your husband is having an affair in Indonesia with a bar girl or not? Here are some general tips.

Positive signs from your husband:

  • Calls you often and is in his hotel when you call late at night Indonesia time.
  • Has a legitimate reason for being in Indonesia.
  • Doesn’t seem distant or vague when you talk to him.
  • Not hiding his mobile phone, or over protective of his laptop upon his return home.
  • Doesn’t increase his frequency of trips to Indonesia.

Problematic signs from your husband:

  • Doesn’t answer his mobile when you call or isn’t in his hotel room late at night Indonesia time.
  • Has credit card receipts on his monthly statements from bars or discos.
  • Seems distant or a change in attitude upon his return home.
  • Transfers money to Indonesia via western Union or TT transfers to an Indonesian bank account.
  • Loud disco music in the background when you call late at night Indonesian time.
  • Talks secretly on his mobile phone upon his return home.
  • Text messages on his mobile from an Indonesian number that say, Miss you too much, Love you, Miss You.

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If your husband is on a trip to Indonesia and you suspect he may have an Indonesian girlfriend, contact us. While in Jakarta or Bali he may be frequenting sex clubs or other establishments. You may want to hire an Indonesia Private Investigator to help you get the facts. We can determine if in fact he is having an extramarital affair here in Indonesia with a bar girl or other Indonesian woman.

If you notice behavioral changes after your husband has been to Indonesia, there may be good reason for it. It is quite possible he has met, and fallen for one of these bar girls. She has likely “put a spell on him” (so to speak) that has caused him to abandon logic and reason. This happens all the time here and we see it every day. A professional Indonesia Private Investigator can help.

Indonesian Business Background Check – Indonesia Private Investigators

Are you considering doing business with an Indonesian company? Thinking about buying a large amount of Indonesian products for export to your own country? Are you looking to purchase land or other real estate here in Indonesia? Not so fast! Hire Indonesia Private Investigators first. There are a lot of scams and rip-offs that can cost you your life savings and leave you with nothing. Many people around the world fall prey to Internet scams involving hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars.

Some involve bogus land deals while other are fake companies setup to look like a legitimate Internet business here in Indonesia and in fact are little more than fronts for some serious con artists that can rip you off for a lot of money. Before you go and send off hundreds or even thousands of dollars off to a company in Indonesia, be sure to verify the company first. Indonesia Private Investigators can save you from making some potentially huge financial mistakes. You wouldn’t want to end up a victim of an Indonesian scam.

IndoPI works from a subjective position assuming all is good until the facts prove otherwise. We only provide the facts and the truth as we discover it. IndoPI is an independent third party with no stake in the results. This makes it possible for us to deliver a fact based report. An unbiased conclusion based on what the investigation has revealed. The result is a clear picture of the situation for the client, while finding of the truth. Please contact Indonesia Private Investigators today and we will do our best to help you.