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Indonesia Private Detectives and Investigators
March 18, 2016
Indo-PI | About Us
March 19, 2017

Indonesia Private Investigator Job, Jakarta Private Investigator

Indonesia Private Investigator Job – Applicants for Indonesia Private Investigator

Looking for a Indonesia Private Investigator Job? We receive a lot of requests from people in western countries to join our Indonesia Private Investigator organization. The list is long and the requests come mostly from western countries like the USA, Australia, and the U.K. If you apply for a position as a Indonesia Private Investigator with us, you will be at the end of a long list of qualified individuals. Most people who apply are former law enforcement or retired Insurance Investigators. We get requests like this every month.

If you live in Indonesia and outside of Jakarta, then we might have part time work available. But, we do not have any permanent full-time positions available at this time. It is difficult to find steady full-time work as a Indonesia Private Detective in Indonesia. Most Indonesia Private Investigator companies are already fully staffed and have the personnel they require. However, over the last 3 years business has been increasing for IndoPI and our Indonesia Private Detective network. Especially in the following fields.


Top Investigation Inquiries: 

  • Insurance Fraud Investigation
  • Infidelity cases. Indonesian girl (usually a bar girl) with a western husband/boyfriend
  • Infidelity cases. Foreign man married abroad to a western woman
  • Indonesia business background checks
  • Indonesia People Finder (lost friends or relatives)

The highest increase is with infidelity cases involving Indonesian Bar Girls and foreign men from the west. This has always been a lucrative business for any Indonesia Private Detective. In recent years the demand has increased considerably. Even so, IndoPI has enough personnel that we can usually manage all cases easily. However, during the peak season for us (January-May) we see an increase in this area of investigation. During those months we can take on temporary investigators on a part-time basis only. It is always on a case by case basis. In most cases the temporary agent will join in on an investigation that requires additional personnel. Many cases require a team of investigators (2 or more).

Language, Customs and Culture

The main barrier in finding a Indonesia Private Investigator Job is lack of experience in Indonesia. Applicants for a Indonesia Private Investigator Job need Indonesian language skills. They also need knowledge of Indonesia and Indonesian customs. This is a liability for any Indonesia Private Detective agency. There are numerous situations that require language and cultural skills, especially in rural areas. Trying to find a Indonesian person who speaks English in a farm village is difficult. Many cases require travel to locations outside of Jakarta, Bali, or Surabaya. In these regions these skills are required. Most of the time a Indonesian national (my wife or her sister) will handle cases in rural areas, farm villages, and tiny towns. I also do these cases in tandem with my wife. Because she is Indonesian my presence isn’t going to be questioned or suspected. I’m just the Bule husband, so I fit right in.

Indonesia Private Investigator Job – No Glamour Here

Although a Indonesia Private Detective Job might sound exotic and glamorous, it isn’t. It is difficult and tiring work. Conducting surveillance in sweltering 90 degree heat with high humidity is not fun. Trying to get photographic or video evidence in these kind of conditions can be hazardous to your expensive equipment. During the rainy season surveillance can be next to impossible at times. Torrential rains, high winds, and stifling heat aren’t ideal working conditions. There are only 4 months of the year when conditions are ideal, May to August. After that the hot and humid season starts. This is usually when we take our annual 2 month leave and travel outside Indonesia. The heat and humidity in Indonesia during October and November is very uncomfortable.

The challenges of having a Indonesia Private Detective Job are many. Record keeping is poor to say the least. Find addresses in rural towns can be frustrating. The heat, the rain, the humidity, all make it an uncomfortable way to make a living. But, it is something I enjoy. But, it isn’t for everybody. I’ve lived in Indonesia for many years so I am used to it. A foreigner coming here for the first time is going to find the conditions difficult. For some, the conditions are unbearable.

Indonesia Private Investigator Job – A Long Journey

IndoPI started in 2001 after the economic crisis in Asia. Prior to the collapse I had a really good job in Jakarta making lots of money. I was an Internet Consultant when the Internet was new and untapped in Indonesia. It was easy to find work in this field as nobody had the skills or knowledge I had. I started working with the Internet in 1990. In 1996-1997 when the Asian economic crisis hit, I moved back to the USA. That’s where I met my wife, she was from Jakarta and attending university in Los Angeles. A few years later we moved back to Indonesia. When I lived in the USA I worked as a Private Investigator handling insurance fraud. Starting a PI service in Indonesia was difficult. Over a few years I grew it to what it is now. A highly successful and busy operation.

If you still want to apply you can Contact Us and we will review your skill set and previous experience. You have a much better chance of finding a Indonesia Private Detective Job if you can speak some Indonesian. If you have spent time in Indonesia that is a bonus. Keep in mind that any positions with IndoPI will probably be part-time only.