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Cheating Husband In Indonesian
September 3, 2017

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Are you caught up in Indonesian Girlfriend Scams? There a many different reasons why you might be having problems with a Indonesian girl. Cultural misunderstandings, lack of trust, lack of freedom, jealousy are a few. We’re hired often to investigate Indonesian Bar Girls with foreigners as boyfriends or husbands. A lot of times we discover the whole relationship is another one of those Indonesian Girlfriend Scams. What exactly does that mean?

Many times, a guy comes to Indonesian and meets a girl in a bar. Other times they meet online in some of the more notorious Indonesian dating sites. These websites are loaded with scammers. In a standard case a guy usually met the girl in a bar. She swears up and down she doesn’t want to work there but has no choice because she has to take care of the family. A lot of time this is trues. Most of it is anyway. But, there are also a lot of girls who work as prostitutes in go go bars who are very bad news.

Indonesian Girlfriend Scams

Many are drug addicted scammers whose main goal is to find western men to supply them with spending money. Many men could be supporting her drug habit without knowing it. Most men end up buying these scammers the latest mobile phone, designer clothes, car or motorbike. These girls are the ones you have to be on the lookout for. Meet one of them and your caught in one of those Indonesian Girlfriend Scams. There are thousands of them operating out of Indonesian’s notorious go go bar scene also.

If you met a girl in Indonesian who was working in a bar, she may very well still be working there. She might say she quit but probably didn’t. She is telling you she quit to keep you to keep the cash flow coming. It is possible she did quit. But, unless you have her checked out you can’t know for sure. Many of these girls have more than one man on the hook at one time. We usually find that they have several.  Most of the guys are unaware of the fact that they are being played. The reason is that these girls are masters of manipulation and guilt. The Indonesian Girlfriend Scams take down thousands of unsuspecting foreign men every day.

Now I’ve heard everything!

They have a story for every problem that may arise. Stories including water got in phone, I was sleeping, I was in the shower, I was at Mama’s house way out in the boonies. Or, upcountry there is no phone signal, buffalo broke leg, you name it, the excuse is there. The fact is that many times they are telling the truth, but too often we find their story isn’t the truth at all. The reason she can’t pick up the phone is because you will hear the background music in the disco she is in. Not all Indonesian women are like this though and in fact there are a many very good girls who are working in bars. But, they haven’t been there long enough to become the hardcore bar girl yet.

Does  this mean all Indonesian ladies who work in bars are dirty rotten scammers?  Of course not, and in fact, some of the girls who work in bars are very good girls. Many of them don’t have much of a choice. The join the bar scene for a short period of time to make some money to help take care of family. The problem arises when they spend too much time in the bar, then you have a problem. So, you aren’t going to find the girl of your dreams working in a go go bar. But, there have been many success stories of guys who have met girls in bars living happy lives. We don’t often hear of that these days.

Times have changed and so has the attitude of many Indonesian  girls who work in bars. That’s why Indonesian Girlfriend Scams are such a problem these days.

What can you do?

So, what can you do?  First of all, don’t go looking for a sweet and  innocent Indonesian lady in a go go bar. Chances are you aren’t going to find her.  If you want to meet a good Indonesian lady go to regular bars or clubs. Go where normal Indonesian people go. But remember, you will be much better off if you have a Indonesian  friend with you to act as your liaison. Especially if you want to meet good Indonesian ladies, of which there are many!  So, don’t ogle and act like a sex tourist because you will get nowhere.  Pubs are a good place to start as there are many Indonesian women fascinated with foreign men.

So, how do you know if you have met a good Indonesian lady? Indonesian Girlfriend Scams, Indonesian Bar Girl Scam, Indonesian Private Investigators, Private Investigator Indonesian, Private Detective Jakarta, Indonesian Private Investigator, Indonesian Girlfriend Check, Indonesian Lady Problems, DNA Screening

Positive signs from your Indonesian girlfriend:

  • Calls you often and is home when you call, or picks up her mobile phone when you call.
  • Met in a pub popular with Indonesian people, restaurant, shopping mall, city park, fitness center, through business contacts, etc.
  • Doesn’t constantly hammer you for cash.
  • Comes from a good Indonesian family
  • Has a regular job and is college educated.
  • Didn’t meet her in a go go bar, beer bar, or disco known to be frequented by freelance prostitutes.

Signs of Indonesian Girlfriend Scams:

  • Met in a go go bar, disco (Lucifer, CM2, Marine, Spice, Boss) outdoor beer bar, or Soi 7 beer garden.
  • Doesn’t answer the phone or her mobile when you call. Hides her mobile from you when you are there.
  • Asks you for money for various reasons. Father needs operation, Sister needs to go to school, phone broke, buffalo broke leg etc.
  • Hearing other men’s voices in the background when you call her mobile.
  • Hearing loud disco music in the background when you call her at 2:00 AM Indonesian time.
  • Wanting to know your exact arrival date to Indonesian weeks or months before you arrive (could conflict with another guy’s arrival).
  • Doesn’t have a regular job.
  • Disappears for days on end and then says she was at Mama’s house, but never told you she was going there.
  • Anything dealing with criminal activity, drug use, etc.

Reasons you may want to hire Indonesian Private Investigators: 

  • Has your Indonesian lady/girlfriend ever worked in a bar, go go bar, beer garden?
  • Was your Indonesian lady/girlfriend working in a bar, go go bar, or other nightlife establishment when you meet her?
  • Does your Indonesian lady/girlfriend seem unavailable on the phone often? (like late at night)
  • Does your Indonesian lady/girlfriend try to hide her mobile phone from you when you are around?
  • Indonesian lady/girlfriend seem to always have conflicting stories?
  • Do her stories that change all the time and seem to far fetched to be reasonable?
  • Does your Indonesian lady/girlfriend have lots of nice designer clothes, a new fancy mobile phone, lots of gold?
  • Does your Indonesian lady/girlfriend have more than one E-mail address or many user ID’s on Indonesian dating sites?

Reasons you may want to hire a Indonesian Private Detective: Indonesian Girlfriend Scams, Indonesian Bar Girl Scam, Indonesian Private Investigators, Private Investigator Indonesian, Private Detective Jakarta, Indonesian Private Investigator, Indonesian Girlfriend Check, Bali, Phuket, Jakarta

If you are caught in any Indonesian Girlfriend Scams hire a Indonesian Private Detective. The above mentioned  reasons are just a few of the warning signs. But, at times these things do happen. But these things are only likely to happen once.

If you suspect your Indonesian girlfriend is up to no good and you want to get revenge on her and ask us for help, you won’t get it. But, if you are having problems with your Indonesian lady, we can help. If you’re concerned something may be going on, contact us. When she isn’t being honest or cooperative, please feel free to contact us. Let us help you discover the truth of the matter with facts and evidence. Then you can decide what you want to do. Contact us right now!